Public project Deliverables

Data Management Plan

Rehatschek, Karin; Loidl, Gernot; Hartlieb, Philipp; Waidacher Verena; Rios, Erkuden; Iturbe, Eider; Zeiner, Herwig; Garcia, Maite; Guilhot, Denis; Plociennik, Marcin; Jonsson, Daniel P.

The main purpose of this Data Management Plan is to encourage good data handling within the illuMINEation project and to provide instructions on naming conventions, metadata structure, storing of research data and how public data should be made available.

Publication date: February 27, 2021

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Data assessment for safe zone classification

Hartlieb, Philipp; Nöger, Michael; Fimbinger, Eric; Mansouri, Sina Sharif; Paterek, Marcin; Bursa, Bartolomiej; Sörensen, Josephine

This deliverable is a report on available data from existing sensors which are, or can be used in mine operations. Data from those sensors will be assessed and possible analysis in terms of safe zone classification will be presented.

Publication date: August 31, 2021

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