Public project Deliverables

Training activities for mine personnel

Hartlieb, Philipp; Varelija, Michel; Fernandez, Alberto; Stefaniak, Pawel; Bursa, Bartolomiej

This deliverable explains approaches of how the developments of illuMINEation can be transferred into training activities for mine personnel. The deliverable shows the diversity of the skill-set brought in by the stakeholders in the mining industry and how this is complemented by the diversity of the technological developments. In summary, it can be concluded that a flexible and individual approach towards training is perceived the best option to tackle these challenges.

Publication date: November 30, 2023

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Hartlieb, Philipp; Nöger, Michael; Varelija, Michel; Paterek, Marcin; Kobylańska, Malwina; Pikuła, Maciej; Bursa, Bartłomiej, Rody, Morgan; Mosberger, Rafael

This report describes all elements of the Safe Zone Concept with a focus on safety and environmental performance. The Concept comprises emissions and groundwater quality monitoring services, tracking / positioning of equipment and personnel as well as instrumented rock bolts with low-cost sensors and data transmission capabilities.

Publication date: June, 2023

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Data assessment for safe zone classification

Hartlieb, Philipp; Nöger, Michael; Fimbinger, Eric; Mansouri, Sina Sharif; Paterek, Marcin; Bursa, Bartolomiej; Sörensen, Josephine

This deliverable is a report on available data from existing sensors which are, or can be used in mine operations. Data from those sensors will be assessed and possible analysis in terms of safe zone classification will be presented.

Publication date: August, 2021

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Requirements of the mining industry

Paterek, Marcin; Pikuła, Maciej; Szumny, Marcin; Haugen, Sunniva; Bondarchuk, Alexander; Nystrom, Anders; Landstrom, Anna; Bursa, Bartłomiej; Świderski, Bartosz; Navarro, Rafael; Moser, Anja; Froemmer, Thomas; Sanchidrián, José A.; Loidl, Gernot; Waidacher, Verena; Hartlieb, Philipp

This project deliverable presents the particular requirements of the illuMINEation use case partners in connection with sensors, data transfer modes, storage systems, data analysis and visualisation.

Publication date: February 21

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Data Management Plan

Rehatschek, Karin; Loidl, Gernot; Hartlieb, Philipp; Waidacher Verena; Rios, Erkuden; Iturbe, Eider; Zeiner, Herwig; Garcia, Maite; Guilhot, Denis; Plociennik, Marcin; Jonsson, Daniel P.

The main purpose of this Data Management Plan is to encourage good data handling within the illuMINEation project and to provide instructions on naming conventions, metadata structure, storing of research data and how public data should be made available.

Publication date: February, 2021

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